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At Madkour Law Firm, we understand your industry, goals and needs.

Our innovative solutions & Our perspective are based on our knowledge of local laws and customs everywhere we operate, while our expert lawyers understand issues across a broad spectrum of business and legal practices. This fluency allows us to gather the right talent, know-how and knowledge
to deliver High Quality Services.

To learn more, have a look at our AREAS OF EXPERTISE detailed as follows:
civil rights Litigation & Dispute Resolution
lawyers Contracts
lawyers Real Estate
lawyers Employment Advice & Litigation
lawyers Franchise, Licensing & Distributorships
lawyers Corporate & Commercial
lawyers Administrative & Public Law
lawyers Criminal Law
lawyers Corporate Criminal Law (Business Crimes – White Collar Crimes)
lawyers Banking & Debt Collection
lawyers Human Rights
lawyers Medical & Legal Malpractice
lawyers Intellectual Property

Banking & Debt Collection

Madkour Law Firm has earned a large expertise & an excellent reputation in the banking field and its related problems & litigations.

Since its establishment, Madkour Law Firm has been committed to meeting the needs of various financial institutions. Our attorneys are proud to offer the depth of expertise necessary to serve banks and other financial businesses.

Our clients turn to us because the experience offered by our lawyers is not limited to general business law and commercial law matters. Our practice areas reflect in-depth knowledge of, and a commitment to, the body of law that applies to businesses in the financial industry. This focus allows us to stay abreast of industry trends, as well as the legal, economic and policy issues facing our clients.

Our Clients Consider Us Their Legal Department

Businesses and financial institutions that do not maintain their own in-house legal department turn to our law firm for assistance. They turn to us because we create relationships with the high level of attention, experience and resources that an in-house legal department would typically provide. We also support the needs of lawyers in in-house legal departments.

We strive to provide cost-effective legal consultation and representation.

Areas of Expertise: