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At Madkour Law Firm, we understand your industry, goals and needs.

Our innovative solutions & Our perspective are based on our knowledge of local laws and customs everywhere we operate, while our expert lawyers understand issues across a broad spectrum of business and legal practices. This fluency allows us to gather the right talent, know-how and knowledge
to deliver High Quality Services.

To learn more, have a look at our AREAS OF EXPERTISE detailed as follows:
civil rights Litigation & Dispute Resolution
lawyers Contracts
lawyers Real Estate
lawyers Employment Advice & Litigation
lawyers Franchise, Licensing & Distributorships
lawyers Corporate & Commercial
lawyers Administrative & Public Law
lawyers Criminal Law
lawyers Corporate Criminal Law (Business Crimes – White Collar Crimes)
lawyers Banking & Debt Collection
lawyers Human Rights
lawyers Medical & Legal Malpractice
lawyers Intellectual Property

Criminal Law

Since its establishment, MADKOUR Law Firm has focused on Criminal litigation in all facets of complex disputes.

Through our extensive experience, Madkour Law Firm has earned a reputation as one of the best criminal law Firms in Lebanon and as a reliable reference in this field.

We struggle on daily basis, not only to defend our clients, but to contribute in reducing injustice and bringing awareness to their rights as established by the various laws, so no one, not even the system, can ever trespass them.

We are highly committed regarding Human Rights Respect in all its aspects through all stages of the criminal procedures and we ensure that our clients are treated and dealt with in full respect of their rights as stated by Conventions, Laws and Regulations.Our expert team provides our clients with focused & individualized attention and understanding, while ensuring the best strategy for defense and the most creative plan for action. Madkour Law Firm also provides advice and court representation on all criminal issues including general prosecutions and appeals, the filing of lawsuits and the pressing of charges against other parties. We have great expertise in the following major crimes:

•Checks, fraud, robbery, breach of trust and bankruptcy;
•Forgery, credit card fraud, unfair competition and wire fraud insurance;
•Road traffic accidents, insurance and claims;
•Offenses against the person including, burglary, murder, assault and malpractice;
•Personal dignity including, defamation, slander, libel and personal offense;
•Money laundering;
•Unfair competition & fraudulent misuse of trade names, trademarks and copyrights,

As an added value to its services, Madkour Law Firm collaborates closely with a special investigations team in all matters such as pre or post-employment, thefts, frauds, data leakage, surveillance, matter related to trust honesty of company people, undercover operations or before signing up business deals with other parties or competitor’ information etc.

The input of investigations can only benefit to Our Client mainly through providing Criminal Defense Support, Witness location, Real Estate and Assets of doubtful entities location, Financial Strength of Domestic and Foreign Enterprises, Criminal records of Business Enterprises and their Officials etc…

In all the cases, the operations are undercover and move with regular feedback and within the Control of Our Firm with complete Coordination with Our Client to provide sufficient evidence for court proceedings.

Our Firm is accessible and approachable and will keep you fully informed about your case. We are contactable 24 hours a day, if necessary: Urgent@madcour.com